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My name is Haim Mahat. 
I am a painter and sculptor, born, 1944 Tel Aviv, Israel, married and a father of three children.
I have been painting all my life, starting at the age of 6, discovered as a wonder child by Dr. Haim Gamzu, founder of the Tel Aviv Museum.
Painting is a true passion of mine as I continued studying art in several institutes: Avni, school for painting teachers and  graphic studies. exhibited my work in: Kstra gallery, Palace of culture Rishon Lezion, The Opening of the new IEC building, Group exhibitions and auctions, and numerous galleries and exhibitions.
Even the famous painter, Marc Chagall admired my work.
Over the years, I developed several styles and techniques of painting and sculpting, ranging from surreal to abstract art. depicting inspirations I have encountered in my travels around the world and everyday life.
My current paintings are associative and polished. The sculptures are meticulous and polished cast in bronze and stone while the characters are figurative with modern influence, particularly Henry Moore and Rodin.

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